California Project LAUNCH Webinars Series 2019

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Mental Health Integration in Home Visiting -Technical Assistance and Lessons Learned Download   Family Engagement from the Inside Out – How to Prepare Your Organization to Authentically and Respectfully Engage Families and Communities Download   Professional Boundaries and Self-Care for Mental Health Consultants Download   How to Hire a Mental Health Consultant -Finding the Right […]

The State of California’s Babies

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Check where infants, toddlers, and their families in California are in the measure domains of good health, having strong families, and positive early learning experiences compared to national averages. The State of California’s Babies What are the chances for a baby born in California of having a strong start in life? Learn about where infants, […]

Parenting begins before birth! Anticipating the Stork

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Parenting begins before birth!Anticipating the Stork is a new published article describing the research showing that “babies’ experiences in the womb matter just as much as the experience after birth.” Anticipating the Stork is a new article published by Zero to Three about Stress and Trauma During Pregnancy and the Importance of Prenatal Parenting.  The article describes […]

Mom and Mind

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Mom and Mind is a free online resource with amazing podcasts episodes for professionals and families to listen and share with others. Their podcasts feature life stories of moms, dads, and family and talk with experts in the field of maternal mental health and maternal health. Be informed! Join their efforts in crushing stigma and […]

2019 Perinatal Mental Health Free Webinar Series offered by Maternal Mental Health NOW

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Mark your calendars! New topics, new speakers and experts from the field. Fridays 12pm-1pm. February 1, 2019: Homelessness and Pregnancy/Motherhood May 3, 2019: Exploring the Crossroads between Obstetrics and Mental Health inPerinatal Health August 23, 2019: Incarcerated Mothers, Understanding the System and Their Unique Mental Health Needs November 1, 2019: Substance Use Disorders and Perinatal Mood […]

Building Blocks for Designing an IECMHC Program

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New IECMHC Model Material provides guidance and outlines four essential building blocks that provide a solid foundation for any IECMHC program. Download it’s accompanying worksheet to assess the building blocks of your own program or start designing one. Get more information about IECMHC delivery models in the Models section of the IECMHC Toolbox

Archived 2018 Rural Behavioral Health Webinars Series

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The 2018 Rural Behavioral Health Webinar Series provide information and resources to address the needs and challenges of rural community behavioral health. These approaches are embedded in a public health framework that acknowledges the role that social, economic, and geographic elements play in the lives of individuals and how it impacts behavioral health and well-being, […]

New Podcast Supporting IECMH Consultants through Reflective Supervision

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Reflective supervision is an important component of effective Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation. In this podcast, Dr. Sherryl Scott Heller discusses three essential components of reflective supervision: reflection, collaboration, and regularity; and provides examples about how this practice improves the skills of IECMH Consultants. Dr. Heller is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at […]